Back from hols and ready to run

I’ve just got back from a great holiday in Vanuatu – lovely Pacific Island and perfect weather.

On my first day there I raced to the gym and couldn’t understand why t was empty….I have never sweated so much in one hour as I did. Didn’t manage to run as stupid me left my sports bra at home and so I had to use a normal one and resorted to the elliptical trainer and the bike.

I gave myself a mini spin class on the bike and pushed hard on the elliptical and that was the last time I used the gym all week! I swam a little bit and did some kayaking and let Ash sail me around on a catamaran whilst I did very important things like snooze – and that was it – so it was a real holiday for me – from work, email, facebook and the gym!

I found myself towards the end getting itchy feet – I could feel my tummy expanding, my arms bulging and my butt growing by the second so today coming home has been great as I know as soon as time allows I can get back into normal eating and training!

So next week it’s back to training ready for a race at the end of June and before I know it, it will be like I’d never been away!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely break. I’m not sure that your eating and training regime can be described as ‘normal’. Enjoy your birthday first. xxx

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