The girl that runs attempts to swim…

I think I mentioned a while ago one of the girls at the gym, a truly inspiring runner/triathlete that I know suggested that I incorporate swimming into my training to alleviate my occasional boredom, and to also tone me up. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off – and went to the trouble of buying a nice swimming costume from Noosa, and today I finally took the plunge and what a plunge it was!

I haven’t swum in years so it was a bit of an ordeal for me!

Firstly I went into the gym, swiped in and asked for a ‘swim pass’ which raised eyebrows. Luckily I already had my costume so I went to the changing rooms to get rid of my clothes and wrapped myself in the biggest towel ever! I glanced around and saw lots of mums in clothes and lots of kids in swimmers….hmm was I to be the only adult swimmer and the only person with rather generous thighs?

It appeared so.

I shuffled down the hall to be told they wouldn’t look after my bag, so shuffled back to the gym and they happily looked after my bag – however the eyebrows were still raised!

I sauntered into the swimming area and suddenly realised oh my, I have to take my towel off and all these people have to see my thighs – I’d forgotten how exposed swimming was! I grabbed the nearest chair to the pool, slung my towel on the chair and half dived into the pool – when I say dive it was more like a roll/tumble to get me in the water – I’m not a strong swimmer let alone diver!

The water felt good and I glanced around me and my lane was empty but next to me on both sides were kids – a kids swimming class and some rather good swimming kids on the other side.

My friend said that the best stroke to do was Front crawl (freestyle) so on when my very unattractive goggles and I thought ‘I’ll give it a go!’ So head went down and I realised very quickly I had to remember to stick my head out of the water to breathe. I reckon I looked like a flailing fish out of water in my swimming technique – it was arms and legs flailing around, hoping that noone was looking. Then the occasional breast stroke with a bit of doggie paddle thrown in trying not to panic – hair in face, wondering where on earth I was kind of stroke!

I noticed some of the kids looking at me – hair all over the place, unsure of where I was looking like a complete nightmare. I kept thinking ‘come on you can run miles – what’s a few laps of the pool!’

I managed to do 6 x 2 laps of the pool – I have no idea how. My heart was thumping so I reckon I did a bit of fat burning, but my it was hard work.

I reckon I got my daily water intake in one go tonight as I gulped down a fair bit of water – goodness knows what was in it!

I know one thing, I am never going to complain about running again! I think I might swim again and give it another go, but I am definitely the girl that runs not swims!!

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  1. You should have come to our pool today! 5 lads showing off to each other on the springboard, 2 ‘proper’ swimmers in the roped off lane, 2 girls talking and swimming at the same time (how do they do that?), 2 ladies (larger than me!!!) talking without swimmimg, and the rest of the pool for me to flail about in. I’ve got a neck problem at the moment so I can’t do breast stroke, I’ve never worked out how to breathe doing crawl so I spent most of the time swimming on my back. This is very painful when you reach the end of the pool too soon! This was my first trip to the pool for years, too. xxx

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