The girl that swims a little bit better

Have done a fair bit of training in the last week. Feeling good and ready to start my new program ready for a race at the end of the month. But the highlight for me this week has been my second attempt at swimming.

After last week I wasn’t sure I’d get back in the pool but I decided to give it a go after my friend offered to help. I never realised how hard swimming is and I struggled with the drills she had me do but I am going to keep going to hopefully reap the rewards. I still managed to swallow half the pool though!

I felt pretty good but boy it was hard work. I swam a total of 500 metres so very happy 🙂

Benefits of swimming

Apparently 34% of Australians swim. That’s a lot of people! In the UK when I was growing up, swimming was not really a big deal. You were taught to swim at school and that was about it. If your parents took you swimming then you swam and if they didn’t you didn’t, but in coming to Australia I’ve realised how much swimming is a part of a lot of people’s upbringing. 

I discovered that swimming has some great benefits:

Less stress on the joints – compared to running swimming is very good for you – it doesnt require you to pound your legs on the ground and can actually help when you are injured. It doesn’t however mean I am going to ever stop running 🙂

Great cardio – I was surprised how fast I could feel my heart beating when swimming my laps. Swimming is great cardio and helps to tone the body.

All over body workout – swimming provides an all over body workout.

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