One week to go before the Park2Park !

Training has been good this week, not as good as last week as I did less but I’ve still been feeling strong. I’ve managed to get a bit of a sore throat and still ran a hard 5k (the Park2Park route) today but tomorrow will be a rest day now and then preparation for the race next Sunday.

I’m enjoying my training at the moment, having something to train for. I’m not looking forward to the race next week though as I know it will be hard as it involves hills – and hills and I don’t have a great relationship. I managed to do the course in 27 mins today in training so I am hoping it will be quicker in next Sunday’s race :-). My usual 5k time is much quicker than 27 minutes but that’s usually on the flat so I will be just happy to beat my training time next weekend.

Going to watch the King of the Mountain race tomorrow in Pomona where nutters race up and down the Pomona mountain for fun – trail running isn’t something I’ve ever really attempted and my husband tells me that there are usually a lot of injuries due to people falling on the way down!

Right off to gargle more Betadine and then to rest.

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