The King of the Mountain Race in Pomona

I was in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast yesterday and got the opportunity to see the King of the Mountain Race which is a race from Pomona centre up the Pomona Mountain and back. Sounds simple but it’s a tough one and the coming down I believe is worse than the going up. The organisers said the event has been running for 30 odd years and they have never had a broken bone but I found that hard to believe watching the speed at which the front runners ran up and down the mountain, returning to Pomona centre a bit worse for wear.

The race itself starts on a slight incline so the 85 runners didn’t even have a chance to start off easily. My husband was disappointed as when the cameras showed the runners getting to the top of the mountain they were walking. I did suggest to him that perhaps he ought to try it before criticising – which went down like a lead balloon! In any fact they were climbing not walking. It was a very steep hill.

Then as soon as they got to the top they had to turn around and go back down and that was when the fun began, trying to watch their feet and not twist an ankle.

I take my hat off to each and every person that ran/walked that race as it certainly won’t be one that I will be entering anytime soon!

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