Park2Park tomorrow!

Its the Park2Park race in Ipswich tomorrow. I’ve just collected my race pack from Limestone Park and as soon as I saw the park was nervous!

Do you get nervous before races? I do! Crazy isn’t it? I mean it’s not like I’m going to win or anything but it the overwhelming sense of knowing what’s ahead.

I’ve been running the race route now for three weeks so I do know what’s ahead and it’s hilly!

I always get a funny stomach and the need to continually go to the toilet on race day.

I have my little rituals when it comes to racing – I double check and triple check my Garmin is working, my music is set to go (if using it) and that I don’t feel any need whatsoever to go to the toilet! But I have to have gone to the toilet twice before otherwise I can’t run!

My husband – my only fan is always faithfully at the end of my races taking pictures and clapping away! I remember when I finished the Paris marathon he literally had to scoop me up and help me get to a toilet as I was a bit of a mess!

So tonight I’ll get my kit together, charge my watch and my iPod and the fun begins tomorrow again for what seems like a zillion times – why do I do it you ask.

Because I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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