Park2Park done and dusted – Happy but not happy with Garmin!

Sunday morning came and I was all set to run the Park2Park in Ipswich. I went through my usual motions (see last post) and was incredibly nervous! I think I had to go to the toilet three times before we left home.

By the time we arrived at the Lion park I was feeling really jittery but ready to go and we went and watched the half marathon runners come in just to see the winner cross the finish line. I went to the toilet a few more times and put my Garmin on and iPod (i’d decided I needed music for this race.) I then met up with my friends who were also running the 5k and felt even more nervous!

So we lined up and the race started. I had a bit of a nightmare with my Garmin in this race – the first time ever. As I crossed the start I hit start on my watch and nothing happened! I ran half a kilometre up the first steep hill trying to fathom out what was going on with my watch and not happy as I needed it to judge my pace and my distance!! I managed at almost a kilometre to get it to work and settled into the race but was fuming over it not starting at the start.

The race itself was well organised. Really well signposted and water stops with loud cheering supporters. I found most of the people over taking me were kids! They were so fast I felt like a plodder!

I pushed as hard as I could to make up the time I had lost at the beginning messing around with my watch and started to make some ground. The hills were a killer but I was determined to get round. I have to say though that I like hills much more than I used to 🙂 These hills were not nice and I take my hat off to the half marathoners that had to run the course route 4 times.

The weather was perfect for the race, a crisp sunny day so I really enjoyed the race. I found towards the end though that I was hurting, My chest felt tight and I just wanted to finish.

The last 500m approached and I was running against a 7 year old! He started to slow so I screeched at him to keep going, but he looked so tired the poor little thing.

I saw my friend as I had about 200 metres to go so pushed it to the finish thanks to her shouting me on. I was so happy to finish – and I think my official time was 25 mins 35, quite slow for me for a 5k but on hills I was pretty pleased. According to the results I was 110th over the line out of just under 1000 people, the 28th woman and 4th in my age range so pretty happy with that.

I think I’d like to do it again next year 🙂 it’s always easy to say that after the race is over 🙂

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