Good week of running

Had a really good week of solid running this week following my program and mixed it up with some hill sprints on Wednesday and even tried the latest dance/aerobic craze Sh’bam which as fun as it was is not for me!

Just got back from a run with my friends a nice 5.5k. It felt tough this morning and I was a minute slower per km than the Park2Park race that I ran last week. It was seriously chilly this morning and I was wrapped up as usual praying for summer to hurry along. I’m trying to run outside more and not rely on the treadmill as much as running styles alter on the road compared to the treadmill and so far so good I haven’t had any major injuries so don’t want to tempt fate.

I’m running another 5k race next week and hoping to get a reasonable time. It’s with the Brisbane Road Runners Club as they do races every month and I figured it would be good to try out a different location and on the flat for a change to see what I can do time wise.

Happy Saturday!

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