We all suffer with demotivation

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I’ve not had writers block, more like runners block.

I go through this every now and again, and I find it hard to get up to run or find excuses to not run after work. I find myself doing mainly classes such as Body Attack, Pump and RPM rather than running, but I think I’m back now. It’s starting to get a little bit warmer, the sun is staying out for longer and its lighter for longer. My injuries seem to have cleared up and I am ready and raring to go again.

I ran with the Forest Lake running club – the Flakers this morning which made a nice change and did a nice comfortable 5k and felt pretty good. I’ve been concentrating so much on racing and being prepared for the races that I had forgotten what it felt like to run without pressure – it was good.

I recently started ballet classes too – yes I know – my husband thinks it’s the funniest thing he has ever heard but there is a method in my madness, it’s great for building up the strength in the legs and it’s also something different too. So I have been embracing my inner ballerina and go once a week. Loving it!

It’s easy just to give up when we are demotivated but often we need a break from the norm as the training can become a little repetitive, so it’s good to try other things and then when you eventually get back to pounding the pavement it’s great to get back to something familiar and you remember all over again why you do it.

I’ll be running tomorrow and doing my Monday pump class and back to my normal training.

Have a good week!

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