Kickstarting training with a detox

The last few weeks have seriously been a blur. I had three work events in three weeks and I am still recovering now. We had an open day, then an event in Rocky for 4 days and then an event in Brisbane for 4 days and whilst I assured myself before they all started that I would still have plenty of time for training I didn’t.

I was ready to run in Rocky but the man at the hotel told me not to run around where we were staying and there was no gym, so I managed a P90x session one day but none of the others as I was shattered from the event! Last week in Brisbane I was so stressed and tired each day from the drive into the city and back each day that I didn’t do much training either – I managed ballet on the Tuesday and that was about it. So I decided enough was enough as I had eaten what I wanted to and whatever was put in front of me and have been riding a sugar high. On that same day my husband came home from the gym and said ‘Zoe I’m fat!’ – so I decided that a two week detox was in order. we’re on day 2!

I try and do theJason Vale Juice Master 14 day detox programonce a year if I can. It’s hard especially the first few days but it really kickstarts the metabolism and the healthy eating although I can’t do as intensive training as I am used to until it’s over.

Yesterday was hard as my system didn’t know what had hit it and I had juice for breakfast, hummus and pitta for lunch and then a protein based dish in the evening. I was so tired that I couldn’t get out and run and even had a nap in the afternoon. I had a headache all day probably from the sugar withdrawal  and that has continued into today but I’m feeling good, just very grumpy! I did body pump and cycling this morning and plan to start running again tomorrow so hopefully I won’t be like a bear with a sore head running round Forest lake!

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