I can see clearly now the sugar headaches have gone!

I’m on day three of my ‘detox’ from sugar, caffeine and all the bad things. If you didn’t read my previous post my husband and I are doing my annual Jason Vale Juice Master 14 day detox – I call it a detox – he calls it ‘turbo charging your life’ – same thing!

The last two days have been awful and I still managed to get to the gym to train. Today was much better. I feel like I have more energy and not as hungry as I have. We’ve cheated slightly though as the plan says not to snack between meals. I know what I am like if I don’t eat little and often (and boy the people at work and my husband wouldn’t want to be around me!) so I have added air popped popcorn to our plan – no oil but with a very small drizzle of honey – and I mean very small – and it seems to have done the trick.

The headaches stopped today so I’m very happy too and I went along to the gym and felt great bar the legs aching from Pump yesterday.

I did a bit of research into our friend Sugar and found an interesting article. The thing that jumped out at me was the information about the World Heath Organisation and their recommendations on sugar:

The World Health Organisation recognises refined sugar as a major source of overeating and obesity, and they recommend that sugar be limited to less 10 percent of calories.  In contrast, the average sugar consumption in Australia is 20% of calories and rising.  Soft drink consumption among Australian children has increased 30% in 10 years, and is directly blamed for the increase in childhood obesity.  Just one 600ml soft drink contains over 12% of the calories that a teenager should be consuming in an entire day.

The American Heart Foundation says that women should not consume more than 25 grams (6 tsp) of sugar per day. In contrast, most women in the US consume 100 grams (22 tsp). Australian figures are similar.

Ref: Sensible Health article on Sugar: White Death 

I have always known sugar was bad for me but in the last few days doing this ‘detox’ exercise has made me realise just how bad it is. I had chronic headaches on the first day and my temples felt like they were going to explode and Jason says in his book that this is coming off the sugar – it’s like cold turkey! Something that causes that can in no way be good for me.

It’s the little things that we don’t notice that creep up and add to the sugar intake, like the sugar in the coffee, the honey on toast or in porridge, the Chai Latte’s, the bread, the sauces like sweet chilli and fruit. Granted fruit is healthy but the sugar content is still high especially in tropical fruits which I so dearly love.

So once these 14 days are over whilst I am sure that I’ll be no purist, this has made me rethink what I am putting in my mouth.

There are some interesting books out there about sugar you might be interested in:

Sweet Poison by David Gillespie

Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett

* I’m no nutritionist so please don’t take this article as advice, it is purely based on my thoughts and experiences along with links to articles. Consult your GP or dietician for any nutritional advice – don’t go on my heresay!

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