All recovered, detox done and back to proper training

Feeling much better this weekend. All recovered from being sick and also completed my 14 day Juice Master detox. My husband and I loved it so much we’re going to carry on but I will probably incorporate a few more carbs now that I am back to training again. We’ve both lost a few kilos and are generally

Did my first proper run in a while outside today which was great. Great being back running, great being outside although I chose a hot day to start but it went well. We ran 5k and I felt that I ran it in an ok time considering I haven’t run properly for a long time now. So I’m raring to go again.

The only thing left to sort is my orthotics. I’ve sorted my motivation and my diet but my orthotics are still giving my grief to the point that I get blisters on the inside of my feet. I went to see a different podiatrist last week and I think he has helped so I am hoping that things will get better instead
of me having to plaster compeed and plasters on my feet all the time.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend and here’s to a good week of training next week!

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