There’s something to be said for hauling yourself to the gym even when don’t you feel like it!

I felt tired yesterday.

All day I kept thinking, ‘I’m meant to be going to the gym tonight…..really don’t want to go….’ Have you ever had that?

I spent the afternoon drinking lots of fluids and convincing myself I should go to the gym and then by 4pm I decided – nope I’m not going. I texted my friend and told her I felt awful and wasn’t going to go and then on the drive home as I got close to

my house I thought – stuff this I’m going to go anyway. I kept thinking about my friend and knowing that she would push through the lethargy and go anyway and that I was being a baby! The plan was to do a trot on the treadmill and then go to a spinning class but I decided I would just run, so I missed the turnoff to my house and carried onto the gym.

Even sat in the car I was wrestling with whether I should just drive back home and sit on the couch and watch TV or not. I got inside and commented to the gym staff that I was tired, sucked it up, got changed and jumped on the treadmill.

As soon as I got on the treadmill I felt better. My legs felt light. I didn’t push as hard as I do normally and trotted at 10.5 on the treadmill and programmed it in for an hour and decided I’d see how I felt at 15 minutes. I got to 15 mins and upped to 11.0 on the treadmill still feeling good. I ended up getting to 40-45 mins as my orthotics started hurting (still haven’t sorted them – thats another story) so I was disappointed as I felt like I could have kept running and running but my feet were in agony so I had to stop but I felt so good and so glad that I had made myself train even though I didn’t want to.

There’s something to be said for hauling yourself to the gym even when you don’t want to. Often we get stuck in a rut and that negative voice in our head tells us we can’t do something. Next time that happens – stuff it and go and do it anyway! That’s what I’m going to do. Got a 7.5k run tomorrow – looking forward to it and to pushing the distance back up.

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