Happy orthotics = happy running girl!

I am a terrible over pronator and when I lived in London I ended up getting orthotics as it affected my knees and ankles because of the amount of running i did.  I have had such problems with my orthotics in the last couple of years it has really hindered my running. I got to a state of being so over it a couple of months ago.When I arrived into Australia and I started running again after having 6 months travelling having left the UK I found my orthotics that I was using at the time were seriously painful. So painful I couldn’t wear them. My arch ached and my feet were a mess. So I just ran without them for a while. I then started getting knee and ankle issues which was added to after a nice rolled ankle running one day.

So I went for physio and was advised to get my orthotics looked at, so I did and ended up with a new pair of orthotics – great you say? Nooo. These ones instead of hurting my arch cut right into the side of my foot and caused blisters and all sorts of issues. Even wearing Compeed and all sorts of plasters I still couldn’t wear them. So that was $450 down the drain. A year on I had been managing with temporary insole type things, decided one day to pop to the local Forest Lake podiatrist and he turned out to be amazing. He not only recorded my running and explained and showed me exactly what was happening, he told me that my current orthotics were not at all suitable and were too harsh for my poor feet, not giving an inch hence the blistering.  I had to put my feet in some stuff that I can only describe like the stuff that florists use to put stalks into for flower decorations, and it folded up like a shoe box and off it was sent, not like in the UK when I had an awkward moment with my podiatrist covering my feet in plaster of paris in a tiny dark room!

I’m not very happy to say I have new softer orthotics, no pain in my feet and no pain (so far in my joints) very happy and happy to be able to run properly again. I’m also very happy because my healthcare plan thankfully after upgrading my plan covers orthotics so the cost was pretty much minimal- awesome!

More info on Orthotics

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  1. Hi! This is the first time I’ve come across your blog (I’m pretty overweight, ok, really overweight, and have a goal to run 10km at the Gold Coast mid-2012), so thank you for inspiration! May I enquire as to which podiatrist you visited? I also live in Forest Lake and need to see one very soon, and by the sounds of yours, it’d be worth the visit.
    Again, thank you for the inspiration. I’ll keep on reading your blogs 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy thanks for your comment fellow forest laker! 10k is a good goal to aim for. I think I have some previous posts with links to 10k training schedules if that helps.

      I see Tim at AllSports at the shopping centre and he has been great.

      1. Thank you!!! I’ll def check out the previous posts. I can use all the help I can get, and I’ll def go and see Tim. Gotta make sure the footwear is right.

      2. Hi Nancy that’s cool. I’m going to write another post with schedules I think as well so will let you know when it’s done. Hope the podiatrists goes well. Happy running!

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