What are your new year resolutions?

As it’s new years eve I have been thinking a lot about my new year resolutions for 2012. I know many people think new year resolutions are a waste of time and are made to be broken – but I think it’s good to have some idea of what you would like to achieve in life and in training.

I remember the year I ran the London Marathon – the previous year I had applied for the ballot and was declined, and then got a place through Belgrave Harriers – my running club at the time. My new year resolution was to complete the marathon and I did – so it felt good to be able to say I had achieved a new year resolution.

I know for many it’s about “I will stop doing this….” and “I will aim to do this..” and there have been many times when I have broken my resolution on the first day.  So I have been thinking seriously about what my new year running and training resolutions that are realistic and achieveable might be.

So here’s my list:

1. To stick to one training program and eating plan

So many times in 2011 I changed training program or tweaked them, and as a result my results went up and down. Do you remember I started P90x – which was great and I had great results with?  but for me it wasn’t manageable doing the training and trying to squeeze running in. I ended up training at least 10-11 times a week which was full on and exhausting.

My personal trainer friend, Roger Alsop did a great program for me to improve my 5k times which I did for a long time, my resolution is to get back on and continue with that next year.

My eating for training needs to also have an overhaul as whilst on the P90x program I followed that and then I tried Michelle Bridges 12 week body challenge and found based on the training I was doing I struggled with energy levels. It’s a great program and I know there are some great results out there but it wasn’t for me – and after doing what I had always been taught and finding what worked for me I dropped a lot of weight – and then came Christmas. I wasn’t too bad and really watched what I ate over Christmas but I long to get rid of all the Christmas food and back on track with what I normally eat…

2. To train for my training not necessarily always for others

That sounds a bit mean doesn’t it – but so many times I have fit my training in with everyone elses and when I first got to Australia to meet people, and not concentrated on my own goals and my running has suffered as a result. As much as I don’t always like running alone, sometimes it is the only way to do the training that is right for what I want to achieve.

So 2012 will continue with some runs with friends but only if it fits into my schedule and what I want to achieve.

3. To run a decent 5k time

I remember when I ran the London Marathon in 2003 I also ran a 21 minute 5k. Yes you may say that I was much younger then; but I know people older than me that can clear 5k in 15 minutes!  and often your running improves with age!

So if that’s possible then my wanting to knock a couple of minutes off my 5k time should be doable if I do all of the above (program, sticking to it and diet), right?

Life is like a marathon

So there you have it – my three new year resolutions, and in terms of my life outside of running I often compare life to a marathon – especially looking back on my 2011.

Sometimes it feels easy and you’re cruising along, and other times it’s like you are stuck in treacle – you hit that wall and you aren’t getting anywhere and it’s more backwards than forwards – and as you run along people help you along the way and encourage you to keep going – so in life these would be friends and family. Thenyou get your second wind and things get back on track and you are doing well again, and then it gets harder again – and so on.

So I am looking to 2012 to be a great year for running, training and life in general.

So Let’s toast to that!

What are your New Year Resolutions? I’d love to hear and see if we can achieve them all!

Thanks for reading TGTR for another year

Happy Running and Happy New Year!

The girl that runs

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