So, two weeks into 2012 how are you doing?

So today is the 14th January. I’m sat here at my computer thinking about the last 14 days and all the things I said I would do and yet haven’t done. I have a ‘To Do’ list as long as my arm but this week has been a write off thanks to jet lag!

I got back from Dubai and a trip home to the UK a few days ago and I’ve been battling with it ever since. The first night I went to bed at 10 and was up at 1.30am! and the second night I managed to sleep until 2.30am and this morning I have graduated to 4am. I am fed up as it means my training is suffering and thus I have broken my resolutions to push in training.

“Zoe” – I hear you say – “you’ve only been back a week” – yes I know. I am just a bit of an perfectionist I guess!

I did manage to train for some of this week and did some weights on Weds and managed to run 9k on Thursday so not so bad, however thanks to Thursday and forgetting Australia is a bit warmer than the 9 degrees I was running in in the UK I am forcing myself to rest this weekend to recover!

I was running really well until I got to 5k and my body said ‘it’s hot’ and I had to slow right down and concede defeat! I got home and broke the cardinal jet lag recovery sin – I fell asleep during the day and my body is still aching from the training and I am now still an insomniac.

So as of Monday it’s business as usual. I am planning on running a race with the Park Runners next Saturday as a motivator. So watch this space!


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