Treadmill conversion sheet download

If you have sprint sessions in your training program like I do and need to see your per km pace in order to adjust your treadmill to the right speed, you would understand my frustration when my gym changed its treadmills. Great that they changed them and updated the equipment but the newer ones which they put near the mirrors don’t give the per km pace. I’m not vain in my needing to be near the mirrors but I am so used to running outside and have awful balance that if I run facing a wall and can’t see myself running I tend to fight to stay on the treadmill and have nearly fallen off on a number of occasions not running facing the mirror!

Anyway enough rambling, I decided that enough was enough. Since the gym doesn’t provide any guides for per km pace for the treadmill I sat and did my own using the old treadmills as a guide and if you need a copy you can download it free of course   below.

Happy running!

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