A week of training highs, lows and sorry excuses

It’s been an interesting week this week and whilst I had planned for my training to be as consistent as it usually is, it didn’t happen.

I had it all planned. A solid week of quality training.

I blame the dog.

Mid week our dog attacked a cane toad (link for those of you that aren’t familiar with the horrid things) and my husband had to rush her to the vet as they can kill dogs. So that was a very late night for us and I ended up sleeping in the next morning and then it was too hot outside and in the gym to train – so excuse number one!

To make up for all of that I went and did BodyPump as that part of the gym does have air con and I pushed it and was very sorry afterwards. Not having done Pump regularly for a while it was a very silly thing to do and as I sit writing this today I am still aching four days later and my butt and thighs feel like they have lead weights in them, so as a result my planned longer run today was agony and I cut it short – excuse number two.

AND as well as that I missed my sprint session yesterday because I literally couldn’t get out of bed my legs were hurting that much – excuse number three!

I have friends that I know would force themselves to train but unfortunately (or fortunately 🙂 depends how you look at it) I am not always as strong willed, so took the opportunity to stay in bed snoozing with my husband.

So it hasn’t been the best week of training but I’ve managed to do two sprint sessions, one medium run and a longer run as well as body pump so that’s not too bad but I know I’ve made too many excuses and not trained as well as I should.

So tomorrow is another day and next week is another week – so I’m ready to start afresh and keep on running.

4 thoughts on “A week of training highs, lows and sorry excuses

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  1. Zoe don’t despair, it’s only one week of 52 and sometimes you need to take things easier. Running stressed can be worse than not running. Anyway it’s not an excuse it’s an acceptance of your situation.

  2. Hey Roger – thanks I know – it did feel like a week of excuses this week but get what you’re saying – i couldn’t help the dog doing what she did! Sometimes in training it feels like one step forward two steps backwards. I’ll get there. Sticking to your program as much as I can.

  3. Hi! Have just started following your blog and I love it. I feel like what I am reading is being written by myself sometimes – sooo with you on the strong willed lack, it’s tough and I wish I was like the ones who are but I guess that is what separates the athletes from people like me huh. I still love it though and nice to know there are others out there who are like me 🙂

    Thanks for your sharing, I love it and am enjoying following your journey.

    1. HI Rachel. Thanks so much for your comment, it’s great knowing that people are reading and that I’m not the only one with ups and downs in training! Sometimes I have weeks where I am on fire and training is going really well, and other times it’s like the last week or so but hey we’ll get there! Have a great week!

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