Typical! Training is going well and then BAMM! I get sick!


Typical isn’t it. My training has been going well and then the last two weeks have been a pain, last week with not doing as much as I wanted and then this week I’m sick.

I felt fine yesterday. Then at lunch time I got a tickle in my throat and then by late afternoon I had a fever and a sore throat as well as a chesty wheeze. I was meant to train this morning but didn’t and probably wont tomorrow unless I feel remarkably better, what a pain! I’ll just keep popping the vitamins, day and night nurseq, honey and lemon – and if I get desperate the odd glass of wine.


2 thoughts on “Typical! Training is going well and then BAMM! I get sick!

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  1. A nurse once told me exercise is good when you’re sick because it raises your temperature (like a fever) to kill off virus cells. So you might be able to go out anyway…unless you just don’t feel like it. Then resort to the honey and lemon. But I’d try whiskey instead of wine. (a nurse didn’t tell me that one)

    1. Thanks Terri! I usually adopt the rule that if it’s throat and upwards as long as the throat isn’t too sore I’ll go out and take it easy but once it hits my chest I stop. Like the idea of whiskey or wine though!

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