New Aussie running magazine for women

So I was browsing around a newsagents on Friday and I spotted a new running magazine that I hadn’t heard of it. I almost dismissed it thinking it was another UK or US import but then I noticed across the top it said Australia’s first running magazine for women. So, intrigued I bought a copy.

It’s called Women’s Running funnily enough. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s no Runner’s World but it looks like a great read for women getting into running with the launch issue featuring a beginners 8 week running plan and an article on choosing your first race.

For the more seasoned runner it does also cover topics such as conquering hills, compression myths, and an interview with an elite runner. So it depends what you look for in a running magazine, a good technique read then maybe Runner’s World is better for you. But it’s good to see that there are  some more running mags out there, I always love a good read and this one has some nice recipes, small features on other types of training such as spinning and has lots of helpful tips to keep you motivated.

Other running magazines I read 

Runners World –  I love Runner’s World as it is very comprehensive, has race dates and well just keeps me excited about running. It is a mixed bag and is aimed at all levels of runners

Run4yourlife – more of a club runners magazine but features some great tips, race details and articles for the more serious runner. Very Australian based.


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