Are you an early morning runner or a late riser like me?

So yesterday when I was feeling decidedly energetic (or mad you might say!) I told my friend I would run with her and the girls this morning at 5.20 for 5.30am. I haven’t done an early run like that in a while and I really fancied running a 10k knowing there were other people there too.

I normally wait until my husband gets up to go to work and then go to the gym then, so around 6/6.30 and I don’t mind that – I guess some of you probably think even that time is early but the difference is I wake up slowly and get out of bed when I want to rather than being forced out of bed because my alarm is going off.

Have you ever been jolted awake by your alarm clock and it takes you a few minutes to calm down? Yep that was me this morning. My alarm went off at 4.45am! My body didn’t know what on earth had happened to it and my poor husband almost jumped out of bed with fright! I apologised and told him to go back to sleep, and then stubbed my toe – screamed my head off, apologised again (seeing a pattern here?).

I stumbled out of the bedroom and managed to sort myself a glass of water and a very light breakfast, only to realise I couldn’t find my trainers, so yes you’ve guessed it I had to go back into the bedroom, tell my poor husband to hide his eyes so I could turn the light on at 5am on a Saturday morning. He actually didn’t say too much and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I met the girls and made it by the skin of my teeth, hurtling down the road at the last minute, switched my Garmin on and we were off.

The run itself was great. I chatted to the girls for a short while, then zoned out, iPod on and pushed on. Felt really good and the route in the end was 9.4km but I was happy with that as training this week has been somewhat sporadic around working so it was good to be out running.

They do say that running early in the morning is better for weight loss and there are all sorts of theories out there but I figure if you have the choice run when you want to run, or if you don’t have a choice it doesn’t matter anyway as you don’t have a choice when you run πŸ™‚

I’m not sure I will get up so early again for a while but it was good to be up and running and be done before most people are even up for breakfast. When I worked close by I would run home or go straight to the gym after work and that worked for me but now running my own business and working in my office at home things are a bit more flexible and it’s great!

So when do you train? Vote in the poll below if you get a chance as I’d love to know

2 thoughts on “Are you an early morning runner or a late riser like me?

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  1. Hmm mm…..I think you need another element on your poll….’I don’t run’. I have to say that lately I’ve had a gentle urge to take it up, after telling my self for 20 years that ‘I don’t run’. I’m not sure about the early mornings, although apparently it’s the best time due to cortisol levels, according to Tracey who wrote ‘The Happy Mind Formula’. I have noticed that there seems to be a social comradeship between runners as they pass one another….like a smoking circle for healthy people! I kinda like that idea. Perhaps your blogs will inspire me Zoe!

    1. Thanks it was aimed at people that run but that’s a good point. I will note that for the next time I run a poll. Yes we runners tend to say hello to one another or if we are too puffed we nod at one another as if to acknowledge and respect the work we are putting in πŸ™‚

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