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Awesome week of training

29 Apr

This week has been the best week of training in a very long time.

Since my 10.5k run last Sunday this week I managed another long run, a bootcamp session, a weights session, a run up a mini mountain, a mixed cardio session and a sprint session and I am feeling great.

My legs feel stronger than ever, everything aches but in that nice kind of ‘i know i have trained hard’ kind of way. It’s helped that I have had someone to train with and to push me but wanted to write this short post to say it’s been a good week, and I hope you have had one too 🙂

Here’s to a good week of training next week too!



Taking running to new heights – my run up Mount Cootha, Qld

25 Apr

I’ve really been pushing the training this week and this week has been a real step up a notch in my efforts. I don’t know what happened but on Sunday I was exhausted and demotivated after my 10.5k and then on Monday I was on fire to train and push to new limits- awesome – I love it when that happens and it’s continued throughout the week – so maybe I have finally turned that corner.

I don’t know what you are like with your training but with me half the battle is to feel that motivation all the time, to want to get out of bed, to want to train, to want to push hard each time. It helps having had my PT friend to train with all week as we push one another, she probably pushes me more than I do her but I love making her work hard on the treadmill as she is a very quick runner and I know she can do more.

Mount Cootha

The View from Mt Cootha - (low res image)

So when she said she and some of our other friends were running up Mount Cootha I jumped at the chance. If you’ve not been to Queensland or are not from Queensland you have no idea where I am talking about, but Mount Cootha is the highest peak in Brisbane and is 287 metres above sea level and very steep in places, with an awesome view right over Brisbane. The idea was to run up and down, then drive up in the car for a coffee afterwards – easy right? hmm not quite so.

Right from the start when we left the Botanical Gardens we hit a very steep hill. It was a rude awakening at 6.15 in the morning but I embraced the hill, plugged my iPod in and pushed. My friend pushed on and I was on my own which was fine, I just got into the Zone, and I have to say the run up the Mount was tough but really rewarding. I never stopped, just slowed down a bit when the really steep bits came and pushed through – had I been at a low in my training I may have just walked but I didn’t so I was really pumped about it all. I got to the top and wasn’t sure how to get back down and very nearly went the long way back down but in the end took what I thought was the short way and it turned out to be the right way, I’d have done 15k if I’d gone back the other way, as it happened It was just over 10.5k according to my watch.

Mount Cootha

The View from Mount Cootha (Low res image)

The decline was amazing. I felt like a bird flying as it was hilly downwards all the way down so i took small steps and enjoyed the run down. Chatted with a couple of cyclists on the way down and felt really good.

The reward was coffee and toast at the top of the Mount, then home to chill out.

Toilet mercy dash and wardrobe malfunctions – a typical run!

22 Apr

I was looking forward to my 10.5k run today as it was with some of my friends that I haven’t run with for a while and it was at 7am – lie in hoorah!

If you’re new to my posts you won’t have read about my toilet rituals as a runner, a lot of us have our things we have to do before feeling comfortable running, mine is having to go to the toilet twice! I know crazy. But if I don’t go that second time then in my head I struggle all the way round. So I dashed off from the girls as I knew there was a toilet enroute. One of the girls was quick to make a quip about my having to pee must be why I do P90x – ha ha! We were all in good humours this morning!

Just as we were leaving the toilet one of the other girls had a sports bra malfunction (it broke so she ran with one strap), and then I realised why I no longer worse the shorts I was wearing to run in – they were very uncomfortable in so many ways – but i’m not going into that on here 🙂 To top that on the way back my orthotics started rubbing, I think this was probably due to my socks being old and not having run this distance for a while. So quite a run, all good fun though and training felt really good.

Running Wardrobe

I try to be so careful when it comes to what I wear to run in as when I started running 11 or so years ago I made stupid mistakes and paid the price, such as wearing old cycling shorts to run my first 10k – not being a woman blessed with thighs that don’t touch one another it was a disaster, the shorts wore out and I got a giant blister on the inside of my thighs that then burst! I had a massive blister under my crop top after the London Marathon which wasn’t too nice either so I should know better!

I usually have my special training socks, they’re $35 a pair but great to run in – didn’t wear them today – oops, I also like the Triumph Ultra training bra range or I have an Intimo sports bra and a great Lorna Jane one that makes me look like Dolly Parton! Short wise I like my Skins or my Performax shorts – as they are compression pants they make my bits wobble less! and then top wise my new favourite brand is Asana which I have bought from Rebel Sports in the past as they are light and I like the slogans – the one I wore today for example said “Champions Train; Losers Complain” – reminding me not to complain when I am running 🙂

Have you had running ‘malfunctions’? if so what happened?

Product Review: C Coconut Water

17 Apr

C Coconut Water I have never tried Coconut Water but was asked if I would like to review some C Coconut Water, so I thought why not! In the past when I have  seen coconut water in the shops for some reason I always thought of it being like coconut milk, and the thought of drinking that rich flavour really put me off.

I find in my training that in the past I have used a lot of sports gels and drinks and they are so sugary they they haven’t had a good effect on my body or teeth when I have been guzzling them like there is no tomorrow, I of course know differently now in terms of to limit myself and not drink them all the time.

The benefits

Coconut Water is apparently:

  1. The only known liquid on earth that can be used as a substitute to blood in human transfusions
  2. It is also more isotonic and hydrating thanregular sports drinks and of course has no added sugar
  3. The C Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana
  4. It’s also low calorie and more nutritious than whole milk with no cholesterol and less sugar
C Coconut Water boasts that it can help clear up complexions, cure a hangover, boosts your immune system, aids circulation and increase your metabolism. I was sold based on the complexion and metabolism!

So I tried it and it’s consistency was literally like water. I found the taste quite watery (to be expected!) with a hint of coconut. I would definitely drink it ice cold as when it started to warm up a bit closer to room temperature it was a bit harder to stomach.

I am not sure how much I could drink in one sitting but I think when our palates are so used to such and sugary things it takes a while to change so I am not giving up on it especially when it has so many benefits, and if it gets me not having to drink sugary gels and sports drinks then I am sold!

So how much chocolate did you eat??

9 Apr

Easter Monday – Easter is nearly over and I can safely say I haven’t really eaten too much chocolate!

My husband and I never read got into the buying one another Easter Eggs so we’ve been pretty frugal chocolate wise this Easter – although we did buy a bar and share it yesterday does that count?

Hope you all had a nice relaxing Easter – now back to training!

I’ve entered the Mother’s Day Classic race – have you?

5 Apr

I finally got round to entering the Mother’s Day Classic race in Brisbane  today before the early bird prices stop. I’ve run it for the last few years and it’s a great race. This year I’m doing the 4k rather than the 8k as I’ve been doing a lot of speed work to train for short races so I’m looking forward to not having to run as far !

There are MDC races all across Australia so make sure you enter!

Even though you run – are you fit in other areas?

2 Apr
Nadia's Fit Camp

Here's Nadia in action - she looks harmless but she's a tough trainer!!

My wonderful friend is a personal trainer. We run together and we sometimes do weights together, but I have never really had an appreciation for the group fitness style of training thinking I didn’t need to do it.

So anyway she recently started another round of her Fit Camp training sessions on a Sunday afternoon in Forest Lake and I thought I would go along partly to support her and partly to get my husband doing some exercise and to motivate him by doing it too, and boy was I in for a surprise.

Having run a hard 9.4k the day before I kind of didn’t think about what I was letting myself in for.

I turned up at the Forest Lake Oval and was faced with boxing gloves, medicine balls and lots of cones all over the place. I figured, this would be ok. My husband was looking a little bit pale though! So we kicked off with warm ups and then we did lots of things that hurt like boxing – although that was good as I got to pound my husband a few times all in the name of fitness of course, and he got to pound me back – great fun.

We did lots of cardio and push ups and not so nice squats, planks and squat jumps and I realised that whilst my fitness is good from a running point of view, give me squats and things that involve using my arms too much that I am useless and weak! It didn’t help that I had a tough run from the day before on my legs but it made me really think about the exercise I am doing other than my running.

When I got home I was exhausted and my legs and arms were like jelly. My poor husband had had to sit out the last round of exercises as he was looking decidedly pale! I felt great though, like I had really pushed myself in a different way to how I push myself in running. Unfortunately I can’t make next weeks session (:-) oops – shouldn’t smile!) but I will be going the following week determined to get a bit fitter!

If you’re in the Forest Lake area and want a challenge then you should check out Nadia’s Fit camp.