Awesome week of training

This week has been the best week of training in a very long time. Since my 10.5k run last Sunday this week I managed another long run, a bootcamp session, a weights session, a run up a mini mountain, a mixed cardio session and a sprint session and I am feeling great. My legs feel... Continue Reading →


Taking running to new heights – my run up Mount Cootha, Qld

I've really been pushing the training this week and this week has been a real step up a notch in my efforts. I don't know what happened but on Sunday I was exhausted and demotivated after my 10.5k and then on Monday I was on fire to train and push to new limits- awesome -... Continue Reading →

Product Review: C Coconut Water

I have never tried Coconut Water but was asked if I would like to review some C Coconut Water, so I thought why not! In the past when I have ┬áseen coconut water in the shops for some reason I always thought of it being like coconut milk, and the thought of drinking that rich... Continue Reading →

So how much chocolate did you eat??

Easter Monday - Easter is nearly over and I can safely say I haven't really eaten too much chocolate! My husband and I never read got into the buying one another Easter Eggs so we've been pretty frugal chocolate wise this Easter - although we did buy a bar and share it yesterday does that... Continue Reading →

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