Even though you run – are you fit in other areas?

Nadia's Fit Camp
Here's Nadia in action - she looks harmless but she's a tough trainer!!

My wonderful friend is a personal trainer. We run together and we sometimes do weights together, but I have never really had an appreciation for the group fitness style of training thinking I didn’t need to do it.

So anyway she recently started another round of her Fit Camp training sessions on a Sunday afternoon in Forest Lake and I thought I would go along partly to support her and partly to get my husband doing some exercise and to motivate him by doing it too, and boy was I in for a surprise.

Having run a hard 9.4k the day before I kind of didn’t think about what I was letting myself in for.

I turned up at the Forest Lake Oval and was faced with boxing gloves, medicine balls and lots of cones all over the place. I figured, this would be ok. My husband was looking a little bit pale though! So we kicked off with warm ups and then we did lots of things that hurt like boxing – although that was good as I got to pound my husband a few times all in the name of fitness of course, and he got to pound me back – great fun.

We did lots of cardio and push ups and not so nice squats, planks and squat jumps and I realised that whilst my fitness is good from a running point of view, give me squats and things that involve using my arms too much that I am useless and weak! It didn’t help that I had a tough run from the day before on my legs but it made me really think about the exercise I am doing other than my running.

When I got home I was exhausted and my legs and arms were like jelly. My poor husband had had to sit out the last round of exercises as he was looking decidedly pale! I felt great though, like I had really pushed myself in a different way to how I push myself in running. Unfortunately I can’t make next weeks session (:-) oops – shouldn’t smile!) but I will be going the following week determined to get a bit fitter!

If you’re in the Forest Lake area and want a challenge then you should check out Nadia’s Fit camp.

2 thoughts on “Even though you run – are you fit in other areas?

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  1. Great topic.

    Last year I set myself to lose some extra weight. I figured that being a triathlon wanna-be that I’d be *fit* enough for my new 6 week training program.

    About 30 mins into the first days program I realised that I was very wrong! However, on the other side of the coin, over that 6 week period I lost the weight I wanted too, and improved my overall ‘fitness’ 3-fold.

    Goal achieved 🙂

  2. Thanks Paul. Well done on losing the weight and regaining your fitness – that’s half the battle.

    It’s good to haves whether you achieve them or not as it gives you something to work towards 🙂

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