So how much chocolate did you eat??

Easter Monday – Easter is nearly over and I can safely say I haven’t really eaten too much chocolate!

My husband and I never read got into the buying one another Easter Eggs so we’ve been pretty frugal chocolate wise this Easter – although we did buy a bar and share it yesterday does that count?

Hope you all had a nice relaxing Easter – now back to training!

2 thoughts on “So how much chocolate did you eat??

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  1. We’re the same as you…. Didn’t really have any Easter Eggs (as much as I wanted some) but then last night had guests for dinner so broke out the big bar of chocolate… Does that count as an Easter chocolate fail or not because it’s not an easter egg?? Haha.

    1. Hmm I reckon it might! We had some Cadburys cookie and cream chocolate which was yum ! The way I see it is that as long as I’m not eating like this constantly it’s not a big deal 😀

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