Toilet mercy dash and wardrobe malfunctions – a typical run!

I was looking forward to my 10.5k run today as it was with some of my friends that I haven’t run with for a while and it was at 7am – lie in hoorah!

If you’re new to my posts you won’t have read about my toilet rituals as a runner, a lot of us have our things we have to do before feeling comfortable running, mine is having to go to the toilet twice! I know crazy. But if I don’t go that second time then in my head I struggle all the way round. So I dashed off from the girls as I knew there was a toilet enroute. One of the girls was quick to make a quip about my having to pee must be why I do P90x – ha ha! We were all in good humours this morning!

Just as we were leaving the toilet one of the other girls had a sports bra malfunction (it broke so she ran with one strap), and then I realised why I no longer worse the shorts I was wearing to run in – they were very uncomfortable in so many ways – but i’m not going into that on here 🙂 To top that on the way back my orthotics started rubbing, I think this was probably due to my socks being old and not having run this distance for a while. So quite a run, all good fun though and training felt really good.

Running Wardrobe

I try to be so careful when it comes to what I wear to run in as when I started running 11 or so years ago I made stupid mistakes and paid the price, such as wearing old cycling shorts to run my first 10k – not being a woman blessed with thighs that don’t touch one another it was a disaster, the shorts wore out and I got a giant blister on the inside of my thighs that then burst! I had a massive blister under my crop top after the London Marathon which wasn’t too nice either so I should know better!

I usually have my special training socks, they’re $35 a pair but great to run in – didn’t wear them today – oops, I also like the Triumph Ultra training bra range or I have an Intimo sports bra and a great Lorna Jane one that makes me look like Dolly Parton! Short wise I like my Skins or my Performax shorts – as they are compression pants they make my bits wobble less! and then top wise my new favourite brand is Asana which I have bought from Rebel Sports in the past as they are light and I like the slogans – the one I wore today for example said “Champions Train; Losers Complain” – reminding me not to complain when I am running 🙂

Have you had running ‘malfunctions’? if so what happened?

4 thoughts on “Toilet mercy dash and wardrobe malfunctions – a typical run!

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  1. Yes! The blisters under the running bra are awful. Wore one of my older bras this morning for my 14km run and have a nice big chafe mark – very sore in the shower and not so fun a week out from a marathon.

    1. Ouch! Old running bras are not good ! I still have a few from years ago that I’m reluctant to throw out! Hey good luck on your marathon – I wish I had the motivation to do another one!

      1. Thanks! Getting nervous and excited at the same time – it’s only my second so want it to go really well. Driving the course tomorrow so hopefully that will make me excited!

      2. How exciting! I remember the feeling from my marathons – its exhilarating yet scary at the same time.

        Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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