Taking running to new heights – my run up Mount Cootha, Qld

I’ve really been pushing the training this week and this week has been a real step up a notch in my efforts. I don’t know what happened but on Sunday I was exhausted and demotivated after my 10.5k and then on Monday I was on fire to train and push to new limits- awesome – I love it when that happens and it’s continued throughout the week – so maybe I have finally turned that corner.

I don’t know what you are like with your training but with me half the battle is to feel that motivation all the time, to want to get out of bed, to want to train, to want to push hard each time. It helps having had my PT friend to train with all week as we push one another, she probably pushes me more than I do her but I love making her work hard on the treadmill as she is a very quick runner and I know she can do more.

Mount Cootha
The View from Mt Cootha - (low res image)

So when she said she and some of our other friends were running up Mount Cootha I jumped at the chance. If you’ve not been to Queensland or are not from Queensland you have no idea where I am talking about, but Mount Cootha is the highest peak in Brisbane and is 287 metres above sea level and very steep in places, with an awesome view right over Brisbane. The idea was to run up and down, then drive up in the car for a coffee afterwards – easy right? hmm not quite so.

Right from the start when we left the Botanical Gardens we hit a very steep hill. It was a rude awakening at 6.15 in the morning but I embraced the hill, plugged my iPod in and pushed. My friend pushed on and I was on my own which was fine, I just got into the Zone, and I have to say the run up the Mount was tough but really rewarding. I never stopped, just slowed down a bit when the really steep bits came and pushed through – had I been at a low in my training I may have just walked but I didn’t so I was really pumped about it all. I got to the top and wasn’t sure how to get back down and very nearly went the long way back down but in the end took what I thought was the short way and it turned out to be the right way, I’d have done 15k if I’d gone back the other way, as it happened It was just over 10.5k according to my watch.

Mount Cootha
The View from Mount Cootha (Low res image)

The decline was amazing. I felt like a bird flying as it was hilly downwards all the way down so i took small steps and enjoyed the run down. Chatted with a couple of cyclists on the way down and felt really good.

The reward was coffee and toast at the top of the Mount, then home to chill out.

6 thoughts on “Taking running to new heights – my run up Mount Cootha, Qld

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  1. This sounds like a great run to do… Good on ya! It sounds challenging so you did well. Always nice to have the reward at the end too huh 🙂

  2. That sounds like such a good run! I’m going to run it next weekend 😀 How long did it take you?

    1. Hi it took just over an hour running from the Botanical gardens car park and up the long road way by the TV stations. Feels like it goes on forever but great to stretch the legs and do a good longer run with hills 🙂 running down is a breeze!

      Good luck!

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