Mother’s Day 4k race a week today !

It’s been another good week of training and I am feeling reasonably good. I have upped my weights work and am running a fair bit as well as my mixed cardio. It suddenly dawned on me today that this time next week I will have run the Mothers Day race in Brisbane.

I entered the 4k this year instead of the 8k as I have been concentrating on short distance, and this will be only my second race this year as I have been shying away from them a bit.

I found last year when I was racing fairly regularly that I got myself in such a panic and got so nervous before the race that it wasn’t worth the stress quite frankly. I don’t know why I got so nervous its not like I was likely to win! The only person I compete against is myself at the end of the day as we are all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and experience when it comes to running. So I decided to go back to basics and run because I enjoyed it and to not put any pressure on, but I decided the Mothers Day race would be a good one to run to gauge how my training has been going.

So another week of training, maybe not quite as hard but looking forward to it.

Happy running and happy long weekend if you have one this week.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 4k race a week today !

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  1. My sister and I are running the 8k race this year! I get nervous at the starting line too (although it is highly unlikely I will come in first place) but having her there makes me relax and enjoy the race.

    1. Hey Amy that’s great! Good luck for next week 🙂 ive done the 8 couple of times it’s a great atmosphere.

      For me the most important thing is about enjoying the race and it’s such a good cause too so good on you for entering – look forward to hearing how you go!

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