Should I do a Facebook Page or not?

I’ve been wondering whether to set up a Facebook Page for The Girl that Runs – what do you think?

Facebook logoIf I get no replies then I know not to 🙂

If I set up a page, would you follow or is the blog enough?

Thanks and happy running!

14 thoughts on “Should I do a Facebook Page or not?

Add yours

  1. Do it!!!! Def an easy way to follow you, and it won’t take much for the news about you to spread. You inspire me so you’ll def inspire others!!!!

    1. yeah Rachel I can’t decide. I might actually leave it for now as it’s one other page I need to update. I already have Twitter as well and then I have company websites and twitter pages as well. It becomes overwhelming after a while. I need to think about it 🙂

      1. Yip, I totally get what you mean. I signed up for twitter but have been really slack with it – I’m still figuring out all this bloggy stuff 🙂

    1. Hi Renee I decided not to do a Facebook page for the time being. I’m on Twitter and Instagram but figured Facebook would need daily posts and would take away from my blog itself but I might set up a page down the line …

      1. Ok cool 🙂 there are so many social media platforms these days its crazy … great idea to just focus your attention on a few so you have the time to make them great rather than spreading your time too thin

      2. Yeah I’m sure ill get there at some point but for me I just enjoy writing about my experiences 🙂 have a great week – I’m slowly building my running back up hoorah!

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