It’s that time again: does the fan go on or off at the gym!

I love my gym. It gives me great pleasure to train there except when it’s boiling hot as there is no air conditioning, just fans, and when it is winter in Brisbane and it’s cold.

Oscillating Fan

I train my butt off at the gym especially on the treadmill when I don’t want to run outside, but the issue I face and the girls that I train with is often when we are running inside in winter and we are working hard and sweating, we put the fan on much to the annoyance of the people that think going to the gym involves sitting on a bike and reading a magazine and not raising much of a sweat hence they don’t really warm up and give death stares when anyone goes near the fans.

I had one of those moments the other day as I was running for the first time in a couple of weeks after being sick and went to put the fan on to discover it wasn’t working. I went to one of the guys on the desk who came over and said someone had had it switched off at the mains, he then switched it on for me and the guy in question didn’t look too happy and said I shouldn’t work so hard – in a nice way of course.

I am finding I now have an aversion to the fan. Everytime I think about switching it on I look over at who else is training and whether they are training hard, if so I will go and switch it on, but if not I just suck it up as I don’t like to upset people and I end up finishing my training early because I am too warm. Am I being crazy? I mean when I sweat I get really hot – and there are only so many clothes I can remove without getting in trouble!

Maybe I should stick to training outside!

6 thoughts on “It’s that time again: does the fan go on or off at the gym!

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  1. I go to the gym to work my butt off and get hot and sweaty! I think you have every right to switch it on if youre hot! If those people are going to death stare maybe they should be pedaling faster and dropping the mags. πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe the people who are not working as hard as you are coming back from injury or just working to maintain mobility. It is easier for them to wear more clothes than for you to wear less! I do worry about how hard you push yourself and how often you are too sick to train. xxx

    1. Hello Auntie Sheila. Thanks for your concern but I am ok. We’ve just gone into winter here so there is a lot of sickness going around πŸ™‚ I got hit with it and then Ash got sick so neither of us stood a chance!

  3. You pay the same membership as everyone else, so you deserve to work out as long as you want to — with a fan! I think everyone at the gym who’s not breaking a sweat should have a nice reminder that they should maybe be working a little harder. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi I know it’s one of those things. I try to be fair but when I am dripping with sweat on the treadmill I have to either stop or put the fan on so I go for the latter.

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