No training for a whole week!! How will I cope!!

I am not in a good mood this running sign

I was very silly and now I have paid the price. My physio says I can’t train for at least a week – nothing – no cardio, no weights, no sit ups!

After being sick with whatever bug seems to have gone around for two whole weeks I finally got to go back to the gym earlier this week. I was so excited to go and went a bit mad on the machines. I ran and then did some time on the elliptical trainer – all good. Then I went to do weights.

Stupid, stupid, stupid me went onto the leg press. I didn’t use it properly and didn’t extend it before sitting in it, so immediately sat in it hunched up, pushed my weights and felt pain in my back. I figured it was just ‘coming back to the gym pain’ so carried on and was fine until the evening when the twinges started.

I ignored it at first and carried on as normal and this morning I even went to the gym and ran and used the elliptical trainer but decided I would book into my physio just to check as you can never be too careful when it comes to injuries and the back. After doing a number of what seemed like contortionist stretches he said:

“hmmm, ok – you have an irritated disc.”

Irritated! I was irritated at this point. I don’t like having injuries.

“what does that mean exactly?” I said “Can I still run????”

“NO. ” he said. “No training for at least a week”.

There was a bit of an awkward silence whilst my brain came to grips with what that meant and then..

“what no training?, no cardio? no sit ups? no weights??”

“yes that’s what I meant” he said.

Inside my brain did not compute at the thought of no training, no RUNNING!! I haven’t trained in so long, and one stupid mistake means I can’t train at all now.

So I have come home to have a grumble. I feel better already having told you, although it’s funny. You always want to do something you are told not to do, but I know in this case I have to listen to my physio otherwise I will do serious damage and be out of action for even longer.

What a pain!!

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  1. Not good news but on the plus side you have time to think through how you’re going to make a comeback. Plan your training instead of trial and error. You’ll be ok, think long term and in the meantime get some quality Ash time.

    1. Hi Roger, I am so frustrated but yeah I hear what you’re saying. So over sickness and injury this year! Going to make a plan for training when I start back again in a weeks time 🙂

  2. Aaargh! Poor you! Back problems are THE WORST! And you are sooo right, you HAVe to listen to the physio because you don’t want it to get worse. I slipped a disc a couple of years ago and it put me out of any exercise for 2 months. It was the most painful thing and frustrating but now I am sooo careful – I never want to do that again! 1 week is not too bad so take it easy and try and find something fun and relaxing to take up the training time 🙂

    1. Hey Rachel. Thanks for the advice and sorry to hear you slipped a disc – I’ve heard that its very painful, so yes I will be listening to the physio to ensure this doesn’t get worse. I think I’ll be walking the dog a lot over the next week to get some sort of exercise in. I’m so used to training I’ll have to do something 🙂

  3. Oh gosh I feel your pain. I have a fractured sesamoid in my foot and I can’t do anything until I am pain free (usually 4-6 WEEKS!!!!!). I did it by ignoring a dull ache in my foot for months – kept running on it and now I’ve fractured it. Lesson learnt!

    1. Lara – ouch! That sounds really painful. I hope it gets sorted. 4-6 weeks wow that’s a long time! I am a couple of days in and feeling frustrated but better, so I guess my physio was right…..

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