6 great sites for cheap training kit

I found when moving to Australia that the two things that were much more expensive than in the UK were books and trainers.

my new trainers from amazon.com

Here are a few sites that I use that deliver to Australia or are in Australia and tend to be cheaper:

Sporty Shoes – an Aussie site, I have had some good bargains through this site

Eastbay – Eastbay is another great US site for trainers and sporting goods

Footlocker – Footlocker isn’t always that much cheaper but it is good if there are certain US brands you want that are not stocked in Australia.

Wiggle – great site based in the UK, delivers to Australia and it’s free if over a certain amount which I think is around $85

eBay of course – I got my last pair of Kayano’s from an American eBay seller – brand new for $89 plus $30 postage. Here in Australia I would have paid $260 for the same pair.

Amazon.com – I have on a number of occasions bought training gear from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. The trick however is finding a supplier that will ship to Australia as a lot of the marketplace sellers don’t.

Can anyone else recommend any great places to buy online? I’d love to hear any tips you have.

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  1. Books, trainers, and clothes are extremely expensive, it’s ridiculous. I usually try to hunt around for specials in store but even then they are still pricey. As for buying runners online I’d be a bit worried that they wouldn’t fit properly – have you ever had any issues with that buying shoes online?

    As for books, I tend to stick with the library unless I’m buying a reference book or book for runners/triathletes that’s going to be reread. In Australia we are getting seriously ripped off when it comes to many products and it’s hard to understand how the same pair of shoes in the US can cost $90 and in Aus cost $250 – sure there are taxes attached but paying 150 more for the same product is ridiculous.

    I’m curious as to whether online shopping will remain cheaper than traditional retailers though especially with taxes like the GST and whatever else the government might decide to come up with.

    1. Hi-

      I think online will always be cheaper to an extent so i dont see it going anywhere – even with taxes and postage its cheaper.

      Generally I will only buy shoes that I have already had here in Australia so then I know my size. With my kayanos I had already had a pair of Nimbus and they are the same sizing and they are great. Ordering some more soon. When I was wearing Mizunos I actually got three pairs on Amazon for the same price as one pair here in Oz and I just felt it was ridiculous that I was being ripped off all to be loyal to the country I live in. Crazy! I love reading and some of the book prices here are way too much. I guess that’s why Borders closed as people have started to realise they can get things cheaper.

  2. Hi Zoe!

    I’m new to your site but I love reading your blog (still making my way through it though!).

    I bought my trainers online from Amazon but I know others who use the Wiggle site. I also bought my water belt online from Amazon.

    As far as books are concerned – try http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ – it has free world-wide delivery and very quick postage times!


    1. Hi Sally!

      Welcome to my little blog and thanks for reading!

      Yes Amazon is great – for me it came down to whether the stockist for my shoes would ship to Oz so I tend to hover between Amazon, eBay and sites like Wiggle 🙂

      Ah another Book Depository user 🙂 – my husband and I are addicted! Sometimes fishpond.com.au is well priced but generally again Amazon and bookdepository work the best for me.


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