Run walk run walk smile on the treadmill

Today was my first day back at the gym since being ill for two weeks and then going back and hurting my back and off again for another week or so.

I was so excited to be able to train and jumped on the treadmill. I was a bit worried about how my fitness level and now jelly belly (I’ve taken advantage of it being cold and being ill and eaten rather too well!) would go but I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t too hard.

I didn’t run as fast as I would normally and I ran walked ran walked to get myself back into it. I looked in the mirror and found myself smiling out of sheer enjoyment at being back in the gym. The last few weeks have been very frustrating but I am so glad I didn’t train as I feel much better now πŸ™‚

Now to get rid of that jelly belly! Bring it on!

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  1. Sooo with you on the winter thing – Since i’m not in proper ‘training’ at the moment and winter comfort food has been calling my name, the jelly belly is back in full force… Eek!

  2. Good on you for getting back into it! I must admit, I didn’t take advantage of the long weekend for running, but I did do some seriously long walks with my sister.
    Nothing beats that back in training smile πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Amy. Well done on the walking, sometime it is good to have a breather from the running especially when it’s so cold outside! I don’t know about you but im finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning it’s so cold and dark!

  3. I can’t wait to run again – it’s been four weeks now with my damn fractured foot. I did sneak in a run on Saturday morning with no pain in my foot but x-rays that afternoon showed it’s still broken (boo hoo!). It is healing well though. I am on the spin bike a lot at the moment trying to keep my cardio up….. and the jelly belly at bay! Are you training for anything now you’re better?

    1. Wow you were brave sneaking a run in – probably not the best idea though! Glad to hear the foot is healing and you are still able to do other training but I know what it’s like when you like running and can’t.

      Plan to get fitness level back up to a healthy (my healthy) level and then do a couple of ParkRun races and then will think about other races as each time I seem to enter a race I am always sick! Must be psychological !

      1. Running on it isn’t as bad as it sounds …. I have my foot strapped and what they call a ‘dancers pad’ underneath to support it. The podiatrist recommend I give running a try just to see how it was healing. Obviously it’s not healing as well as I had hoped 😦

        Are the Park Run’s held in New Farm park? A friend told me about them but I’m yet to try them out. What are the times like?

      2. Hi Lara hopefully your foot will be better soon πŸ™‚

        The Park Run is in New farm Park. I have only managed one this year but they are good and free, very well organised and you get a time and they post it on their website etc – you just need to register on their website and you then get barcodes that you have to print off each time you do a race – see – re times do you mean what time or the kind of times people do? The race starts at 6.30 or 7 I think and the types of people that run vary although there seem to be a fair few club runners – looking at last weeks race the fastest was in 17 mins and slowest was 45 mins so quite a range πŸ™‚

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