2XU Outlet store

Facebook ads actually worked for me yesterday and an ad showing 2XU outlet store came up. If you’re anything like me and love buying new gear go for it!

Here’s the link. The prices are excellent!2xu outlet

Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “2XU Outlet store

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  1. So awesome, thanks! Will just have to see if they ship to NZ – hopefully, since the people that make this brand are from here! I actually know the guy who started this company’s parents… haha. Small world huh!

    1. Hopefully they do – otherwise if you know him go and knock on his door and ask for some 😉 have a great day, and happy shopping!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link….. The prices are indeed fantastic! I am a happy lady (husband may not be after he sees the credit card!).

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