Morning Run done and friendly challenge completed!

I opted to run outside this morning instead of at the gym and so I wrapped up for what reminded me of a UK autumn – in my beanie hat, long sleeved top, short singlet and long tights and trotted off.

As I was running I was feeling decidedly chipper and I remembered talking to my UK running friend about being friendly when running and saying hello to people as I ran. I used to do it when I did longer slower runs in the UK, so this morning I did an experiment and decided to say ‘morning’ to as many people as I could and see whether they said back, and to my pleasant surprise quite a few people’s faces lit up and they said hello back, so it made my run even more rewarding. I think there was only one person that didn’t say much but I told myself that perhaps I didn’t say ‘morning’ loud enough 🙂

Being friendly and smiling when running has been used in a number of ways and I remember Haile Gebreselassie (My running hero!) says in a book written about him called The Greatest that he always smiles when he runs his races, whether he is enjoying his running or in pain –  like a poker game, so that his opponents can’t tell where his weaknesses lie.

My run wasn’t like that of course but there’s a lot to be said for a smile and being friendly.

Happy Monday.

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