Please give your old (not too old) running shoes to Africa – read this post @shoe4africa

How much do you spend on one pair of trainers?

How often do you buy a new pair or even a pair of normal shoes for that matter?

There are people out there that don’t have shoes let alone running shoes and I think we should help them. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I have been trying to find charities that enable me to donate old running shoes as I change mine quite a lot, I found a few (see previous post) but there were a few barriers including them not servicing this area for collections or issues with duty and tax – but the charity I have found is perfect and I am sending some shoes out in the next week.

I’ve got a few pairs to send. I’m so excited I have found a charity that enables me to put my old shoes to good use as I change my shoes frequently.

It’s called Shoe4Africa and was foundedshoe4africa in 1995 by Toby Tanser and as well as donating used running shoes (not normal shoes – they have to be running shoes or soccer shoes) they have recently opened up a hospital against all odds.

There are a number of ways you can be involved and I urge you to please just look at their website and to help if you can.

Hookworm is a real problem and gets in through the toe nail when proper closed shoes aren’t worn, so sending a pair of running shoes will help prevent this.

Conditions on sending shoes

Trainers not stilletoes!

The shoes must be running shoes  not normal shoes and they should not be shoes that are worn out completely but shoes that have at least another 100 miles of running left in their life so that they can be properly used for the health and fitness programs they promote.

Don’t send shoes about to be thrown away.

They don’t want hand out shoes – they hold races and people earn the shoes and they are empowering people through sport not through charity and have to pay duty on each pair of shoes sent which is approx $1.50 a pair of shoes. It costs approx $9-10 to send each pair of trainers which is a small price to pay I feel.

If you can’t send trainers then please consider sending a donation or if you have a bit of money to spend, buying a brick in the hospital. This letter by the founder Toby who ensures that 100% of the money goes into the charity is worth a read.

Send a surprise

Running tops, shorts and socks are welcome too. The website says that the climate is such that tracksuits are a luxury, as are things like sports watches – but if you have an old one stuffed inside a shoe it makes a great surprise.

I hope that you will join me in supporting such a worthy charity that is around a sport that we are so passionate about. Please send the link to this blog post to friends that you think may be interested ion helping too.

Have a great Saturday!

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