Too busy to run?

This week and part of last week has been so busy I feel like I haven’t had room to breathe ! As a result though I haven’t done as much training as I would like. I have tried to fit things in when I can and have had lots of late nights and early starts and then been flat out all day so it has actually pretty much been impossible.

Do you find you don’t always have time to train? and what do you do about it? It’s very easy to just think ‘Oh I don’t have much time, forget the training!’ but I really tried to think of things I could do that I could do in the minimum time but with the maximum output. Here are some of my ideas and things I have actually done this week and last:

Treadmill – sprints

I only literally had 20 mins or so one day this week so I jumped on the treadmill, did a short warm up and then sprinted like there was no tomorrow with less rest than I would normally have. It’s a great way to get a short, sharp and sweet workout but still get a good quality session in. Alternatively a brisk walk uphill on the treadmill or outside would be good too.

Spinning bike in the gym – sprints 

Again – hard training on the spin bike is a cool way to burn off some serious fat and kilojoules and if you haven’t got much time a good hard sprint session is good or an uphill climb.

Ab ripper

I am a fan of p90x and their Ab Ripper X cd is awesome and it’s only 15 minutes long – perfect for a core workout when you haven’t got time to do anything else.

X Trainer 

I don’t use the cross trainer that much but their interval hills program is awesome and when I train with my friend and make her put it up a level i get evil looks! A short sharp session on that would be good when you don’t have much time either.

Is there anything I have missed? What do you do?

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