Loving my cycling

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, life has been in the fast lane both work wise and out of work wise. My training has been going well and I mixed it up a little by buying a road bike. I never thought I would like cycling but I love it. I cycled 52k yesterday and 20k the day before and I have found my running has decreased which I’m not too happy about!

The thing I have found with cycling though is actually I can still run. I don’t find that when I have done a hard or long ride like I did yesterday that I end up pushing through the pain as everything aches like I do if it was a long/hard run which is awesome and I plan to run today as my legs feel fine.

I will always be a runner but I think there is room for cycling in my life too and I am even contemplating now whether I could do a triathlon or adventure race as I haven’t found doing both too hard (I may speak too soon!). Running will always be my love and the thing I default back to but I think mixing it up a bit is helping me with my overall fitness and toning which is great. It’s also giving me (eventually as he hasn’t yet) a hobby for my husband and I to share together – as he won’t run with me!

So things have been good training wise and I hope they continue to be. Will write more soon.

Happy running/cycling/whatever you do 🙂

4 thoughts on “Loving my cycling

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  1. Happy cycling! I’ve never loved it as much as running – but it’s good cross-training. I guess the best bit is that you can cycle all you want and still not lose your running fitness. Enjoy 😀

    1. Hi Kate – yeah running will always be my love but the cycling is really helping with my stamina and enabling me to actually do more exercise in addition to the running 🙂 I was able to do a hard sprint session tonight after having cycled a hard 52k yesterday 🙂 hope your training is going well !

  2. I’ve also recently discovered the wonders of cycling. It’s totally become part of my cross-training routine. I love that I can have a hard ride on one day, but my legs aren’t too tired to run the next day. Perfect!

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