Product Review: Siberian Red – natural health elixir

I was recently sent details of a product called Siberian Red which is a 100% natural health elixir that contains lots of powerful antioxidants. I was asked if I would like to review it and thought – why not!

So what is it exactly and what is it meant to do?

The liquid is made from an extract form of Siberian fir tree needles bizarrely and it apparently helps to fight fatigue, supports rehydration and also contains lots of iron. In a nutshell it’s meant to make you feel better, have more energy and thanks to the antioxidants – ‘fight the unwanted effects of free radicals that are released into the body through things such as exercise, digestion, UV exposure and pollution.

red siberian


I have to say I poured out my first measure thinking I hope it tastes nice, and boy I got a shock. It was not a pleasant taste but I guess drinking fir tree needles was never going to be like drinking orange juice. I got into a routine of ‘skulling’ the drink and chasing it down with a juice afterwards. Not sure whether that’s how I was meant to take it or whether I was meant to sip throughout the day but the taste was not nice at all – but I figured if it’s going to do me some good I’m up for it.


I took Siberian Red over a month in order to see whether it made any difference to me. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I did find I had more energy – and I got a little bit of a buzz at first and felt a bit like a Duracell battery bunny – but that might just have been me as I am very sensitive to anything like that and caffeine or any vitamin cocktail.

I do feel better in myself and my energy levels have definitely improved since taking the product – but whether that is a coincidence or not I am unsure.

Overall I would consider Siberian Red might be of use to your diet especially if you are prone to low iron levels- but always consult a doctor or naturopath before starting this kind of thing as I am not a trained doctor/physician and these are purely my opinions and thoughts as a reviewer.

For more details about Siberian Red visit their website.

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