It’s slip slop slap time again! Tips for running in summer

Wow we have had some great weather lately. I don’t know about you but I have suddenly found running at my usual time of mid morning has become hard because of the heat, and I’m now dealing with a lot more sun tan lotion and it running into my eyes when sweating!

Running in the heat is always tough even if you’re used to it. In England I realise how much easier it was to run since we never had majorly hot weather! Now I find when it warms up that my lungs feel like they’re on fire and my legs feel like they’re running through treacle.

Tips for running in the heat

1. Do it early or later in the day – running at mid day or when the sun is at its hottest is not ideal

2. Take water with you and if not build a water stop into your route – I know around the lake where I am that there are water fountains for example. Also make sure you are hydrated before you run ie pee should be clearish not brown!!

3. Try and run a route that is shaded rather than always in direct sunlight

4. Wear a cap

5. Wear light clothes. Get rid of the winter running clothes!

6. Put some suntan lotion on!

7. If you get really hot or feel unwell ie nauseous, shivery – stop running immediately and where appropriate – seek medical attention

Have I missed anything? How do you cope in the heat? Am I just a lightweight??

Happy running!

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