Holiday exercising – do you or don’t you?

I recently went away for a couple of weeks with my husband and extended family. With all the best intentions in the world I planned to exercise whilst I was away – I even asked my husband if I could take the bike with us – he declined! I did pack my beloved running shoes and vowed to all my friends at home I would be training a lot. Do you think I did??

Do you exercise whilst on holiday?
Bliss – we went to some beautiful areas of Northern Australia but I didn’t manage to fit in much exercise!

Umm well in two weeks I ran twice! Once was in Cairns at 5pm at night and it was still so hot I wanted to cry – I think I managed a very slow and rough 5/6k and I felt utterly exhausted. I staggered back to our hotel room and my husband looked up from his iPad and just rolled his eyes and looked back down!

The second time I ran a bit further – 8.5k and that was along the beach at Mission Beach I think. Great beach to run along and the sand made it an awesome workout.

Other than that I didn’t really do too much, lots of walking and eating mainly! It’s really hard when on holiday especially when you holiday with people that are not really into exercise or not into exercising whilst on holiday to fit it in and when you are constantly driving to somewhere new each day as we were it makes it even harder.

Tips for exercising when on holiday

So I thought of a few tips for exercising on holiday. I know there are the purists out there that would say ‘I never stop exercising even when on holiday!’ and that ‘ you should be motivated all the time to exercise even when on holiday’ – if that’s you don’t read this as you don’t need the tips 🙂

1. Research the area 

If you plan to exercise you could research the area beforehand and if where you are staying has a gym  that’s great, but if not then maybe look at what the area is like near where you are staying – is it near a beach – in which case you could run on the beach – or are there plenty of trail runs/good roads to run on nearby? If you are staying in one place for a while there might even be a local running club that you could tag onto for the time you are there.  Be mindful however of finding out from the locals what the area is like and make sure it is safe to run alone and that you aren’t planning on running in a crocodile infested area or something !!

2. Change your routine/regime

You might not be able to run or cycle (if you don’t have your bike with you) but you could swim if your accomodation has a pool or the sea is nearby or even just walk briskly. Try something different whilst away.

3. Take your exercise dvd with you

When I used to travel a lot with work I would take an exercise dvd with me. So one time I was up at the crack of dawn doing my P90x ab ripper and Plyometrics before a full day of work at an event away and it worked a treat. If you don’t have an exercise dvd you could just do a series of circuits like sit ups, dips and toning exercises perhaps.

Hopefully these tips will help you if you need some ideas for exercising whilst on holiday. Many people choose to have a rest from their training whilst away.

Do you have any tips for training whilst away? Do you have a rest or do you train?

Happy training!

2 thoughts on “Holiday exercising – do you or don’t you?

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  1. I love exercising when I’m on vacation: A chance to really explore a new place and feel great about all the delicious local food I’m going to eat the rest of the day? Don’t mind if I do!

    Definitely researching the area is a must: I almost always seek out running clubs in new cities and see if their websites have tips for good spots or safe parks that might be worth checking out. And I always bring a camera!

    1. Awesome – sounds like you do a bit better than me ! I found when travelling in the US that there was a Hash Harrier running group in most places so that was easy from a running club point of view to find someone – I guess if you are constantly moving destination when travelling it’s a bit harder which is what I found this time as well as the heat which I am not too good with!

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