It’s been a week of running, cycling and falling off my bike twice – funny video alert!

It’s been a week or running and riding this week but the thing that stands out for me the most was my first riding experience wearing cleats – so attention runners – this is more of a riding post than a running post!

When I first started riding I figured I would be 0k with normal pedals and my bike came with racing pedals so one of my friends lent me his normal bike pedals to use. I found after a while that my feet would wobble all over the place and decided it was time to invest in some Shimano riding shoes and cleats.

They arrived and I felt quite excited and couldn’t wait to go out on them so I arranged to go to my friends and get him to fit them and then I was to go on a ride with him and his wife.

I put the shoes on and they felt good, clipped in and I thought yeah I can do this and literally I didn’t get out of his driveway for more than 5 seconds and I was on the floor – it was harder than it looked. The worst thing was my friend caught it all on his helmet camera! I had to go riding with a gadget person didn’t I!! I got back up and on the bike and then 20 mins later did the same thing!

It’s weird having your feet clipped in and I seem to clip out one side and forget I have to lean to that side too and that’s why I fell off ….twice! I’ll get there.

I ummed and ahhed whether to show this video but I thought, what the heck!  I watch it and laugh and figured it might cheer up someone’s day!  Watch it here . I didn’t show you the link to the other one as it’s more of the same and I figured one humiliation is enough lol!  
I haven’t been out on them since as it’s been a busy week but I am hopeful that next time I do I will be better.

4 thoughts on “It’s been a week of running, cycling and falling off my bike twice – funny video alert!

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  1. Hi Zoe, just found your blog and I love it. I started using cleats about 3 years ago (at the tender age of 58!). I too fell off a few times but you will get there. Realised I was overdoing the time spent out on bike when I slowed down, twisted my foot out then remembered I was driving the car. Wouldn’t cycle without cleats now. Just keep going. Ooh and I run too.

    1. Hi Elise – welcome to The Girl That Runs 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement for cleats – I have been out on them since and am gradually getting used to them and pre-empting unclipping! That’s awesome that you run and ride too – keep going ! Zoe

      1. Useful tip, make sure the cleats are on their loosest setting (Allen key adjustment on the pedal bit), and spray the clip in your shoes with WD40 and spray the pedals. Don’t tell the boys. Makes life so much easier. Elise

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