High heels, dancing and blisters!

How has your training week been?

I got back from a long weekend in Sydney earlier this week. I’d like to say I managed to run everyday – in fact I was looking forward to trotting out and about around the Botanical Gardens like I did last time, but this time I went away with my friend and we did lots of exercise but no running.

We decided to go away and have a girls weekend – no plans, no itinerary – just a bit of retail therapy, relaxing and dancing. We had an awesome time and were out dancing way past my bedtime every night.

wearing high heels in Sydney was a challenge
I love high heels but I can’t wear them for very long or very often! Hence it was a challenge in Sydney!

Exercise wise we danced and walked and danced some more as well as stood up for hours in high heels. If anyone ever tells you that you’re past it! prove them wrong! I kept saying to my friend ‘we’ve still got it honey!’ although my feet are paying for it now when back in London wearing heels was a staple in my life.

I don’t normally wear heels (and I know they aren’t too good for you long term) much so I was challenged to try and look cool in my cute heels as well as dance the night away, and then woke up each morning feeling like I had just run a half marathon as my calfs hurt, feet hurt and I had a few blisters! – The things we do to look good!

We walked a lot as well which was great exercise. I remember my mother in law dropped huge amounts of weight back in 2008/9 just from walking everyday, and much to my surprise when I got back to Brisbane earlier this week I had dropped over half a kilogram – which is unheard of for me when on holiday!

So whilst I didn’t get to run whilst I was away I still got plenty of exercise in. We met some great people who really inspired me and I am fully pumped now and raring to go running wise and my business wise. In fact I got back from my trip and the next day jumped on the treadmill and ran the fastest I have run in a long time in my sprint session – so bring it on!

Happy running!

6 thoughts on “High heels, dancing and blisters!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful girl’s weekend away!
    I have never been a massive heel wearer, although I own quite a few pairs. The other night I went out to dinner and the next day I felt like I had been running fartleks for hours!
    Recovered in time for my 13km training run though (phew!).
    I try to run when I am away on holidays but often I end up just walking, and walking, and walking. When I went to Italy a few years ago I came back and found I had lost 2kg – not bad with all the wine I had been drinking πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Amy – glad to hear I am not the only one that suffers. It’s hard isn’t it when you aren’t used to wearing heels regularly! Well done on the 13k I need to start getting my distances up and planning a race to give me some motivation.

    Yeah I know what you mean re holidays and trying to run but ending up walking lots instead. Walking is good though and well done losing 2kg despite the wine drinking! You must have walked a lot!!

  3. What a fun weekend! It’s been aaaages since i’ve had a good dance. Feet always end up dead but so worth it right? And good on your for exercising every day while on holiday… Never that easy!

    1. Thanks Rachel it was great fun and awesome to let my hair down a bit! Now focussing on races to enter. Seriously thinking of doing the city to surf but the Sydney one next year – there is a Brisbane one coming but I think I want to do the Syd one πŸ™‚ haven’t done any races in a while so need to start planning now I’ve had my fun! Hope your training is going well πŸ™‚

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