I am a light weight!

How has your training been this week?

This week has actually been lighter on cardio and supposedly heavy on weights. I went to the gym with my wonderful (and patient) friend who last week helped me come up with an arm weights program and then this week it was time for legs…. I haven’t done any leg weights since  was silly and hurt my back on the leg press many months ago and I realised how weak I was!

Light weightThere was my friend pumping pretty heavy weights and there I was on very light weights in comparison and it hurt and I let her know about it and moaned away all through our session – I am surprised she didn’t put ear plugs in! She just looked over at me and smiled in that way I know she was thinking ‘come on lightweight – suck it up!’ so I pushed on.

I figure as I get older weights should be an important part of my training and also it will help me get stronger in my running and riding so I will grin and bear it but it’s not part of my training that I enjoy to be honest.

Do you do weights? 

Do you enjoy it? 

Has it helped in your running?

I’d love to hear your experiences – or am I the only light weight out there that whinges in weights sessions ?? 🙂

Have a great weekend – that’s me done for today 🙂

8 thoughts on “I am a light weight!

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  1. My training has been light this week too, possibly not such a good thing because my half marathon is only 7 weeks away! I don’t really enjoy doing weights, but my sister and get up at 4:45am twice a week to do a Jillian Michaels DVD. I am definitely enjoying the benefits of lifting weights so maybe it will be catching and I’ll start taking some weight classes at the gym 🙂

    1. Good luck on the upcoming half Amy! Which Jillian Michaels DVD is it? That’s an early start! I did one of her DVDs ages ago with a friend thinking it would be easy but it was a killer!

      1. Thanks Zoe 🙂 My lil sis starts work early in the city so we have to get up early. Makes the day last longer though so it is nice. We are doing the Ripped in 30 DVD at the moment, and it’s funny watching my sister curse Jillian under her breath the whole time!

  2. Hi Zoe, thought about trying a BodyPump class. It is an hour of weight training to music. I’m pretty certain your local gym/sports centre will do the class. Suitable for all as you choose the weight to use. I love it, and go twice a week. Legs now strong enough to get me up the Surrey Hills. Out cycling today, usually beautiful sunny morning in Blighty so brilliant for a ride.

  3. Hey Zoe
    Good on ya for hitting the gym and giving the weights a go again. I run as well, not as often as yourself but have done a fair bit this year. After a few fun runs including a half marathon I was due for a new fitness challenge and so I took to the weights.
    Can I just say they have helped enormously with my running, posture and also keeping my body in tack regarding joints. They say that weak glutes and leg muscles are the reasons why so many people who start running end up with injuries. I incorporate a good amount of HIIT mainly incline walking and speed cycling with high resistance and supplement this with a legs weight work out. Plus just to keep the bingo wings at rest I do an upper body weights session too.
    What many people make the mistake about weight training is that they think its all about building big muscles. However, you can incorporate weight training to increase your endurance, the difference is the variations of sets,reps and weight.
    My body has responded much better with supplementing weight training with my running. The most noticeable being my knees stopped hurting as much and recovery after a long run had improved out of sight.
    Go back again with ya friend and smash out those weights, its a new challenge that can truly enhance your running.

    1. Hi Symantha Anne
      Thanks so much for your post. It’s good to hear from other people that are training and what works for them. I went to a pump session earlier this week and my legs still hurt from the shock of weights and I have a program that my PT friend did for me but boy it hurts! I’m going to give it a go and hopefully will see my strength and fitness improve even further 🙂 im doing low weights high rep as I tend to develop muscle fairly easily so don’t want to look like the Incredible Hulk lol!

      That’s awesome that your knees have stopped hurting. Keep up the training!

      Have a great day, Zoe

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