Product Review – unbelievably delicious @bodyscience cookies and cream protein balls

For those of you following my blog for a while you’ll know I like my protein balls 🙂 The last ones I reviewed were yummy but my friend recently introduced me to the Body Science Hydroxyburn lo carb balls – the cookies and cream flavour and they are soooo good. She was hooked on them as their flavour of choice and I have to say I am a convert. I now carry a bag around with me wherever I go and when I get the munchies and need chocolate I have one of those instead.
cookies and crEAM lo carb balls bodyscience They aren’t in the traditional Body Science Body for Women range as I don’t think they are quite as slimline calorie wise  but for me – a lot of the protein bars out there taste so artificial I gag when I try to eat them so I’d rather carry something around that tastes reasonable and the calorie level is still lower than chocolate and other snacks and ultimately stops me from snacking on naughty food all the time

The snacks come in a 70g bag and they are described as fat burners and lipotropics (Lipotropics according to Wiki – Lipotropic compounds are those that help catalyse the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body.), vitamin and mineral booster and great taste (I can agree with that!).

The serving size is one bag but there is no way I could eat one bag in one go, nor would I recommend it especially if you are looking to keep your calorie intake down – but for the whole bag there are:

  • 1130 kilojoules
  • 25g protein
  • 9.4g fat 193g sodium

You can see more details on the product page on the website. The range also has a chocolate honeycomb flavour – I haven’t tried them but it’s an option for any chocolate lovers out there!



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