Is your goal getting in the way of training?

I realised one of the things holding me back from my training lately is focussing on the end goal rather than all the little ones that make up achieving the big goal. I have that problem in my business sometime – have you ever found that too?

In fact sometimes I find the big goal is so crippling that I struggle with demotivation to do any of my small goals and training sessions thinking – what’s the point I’m not going to achieve the big goal so why bother!?!

I’ve started to change my attitude and focus on achieving one goal one step at a time which is far more productive 🙂

My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) in my training is to get through this year with a number of things going on and then push for the New York Marathon in a year or too and pump my training right up – I guess that’s what has been holding me back – right now one day at a time is more appropriate 😀

But it’s good to have goals though – right?

So I guess the point of my post today is i just wanted to say if you are in the same boat as me with focussing too much on the big goal try not to worry too much and take each training session one day/step at a time – if you want something enough you’ll get there 🙂 you just need to believe in yourself and your training!

Happy training ! Have a great day

4 thoughts on “Is your goal getting in the way of training?

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  1. I totally get this sometimes – the end goal is so huge that the smaller ones that make it up seem the hardest! But good idea with just focussing on the ones at hand first! I also want to do the NY Marathon next year – maybe we will see each other at the start line 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel glad to hear I’m not the only one that struggles with big goals! Not sure whether. NY will be next year or year after but yeah it would be cool if we were there the same year ! And it certainly will be cool since Nov in NY is cold brrr!

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