Great Aussie Relay and win some Slim Secrets goodies!

Have you heard about the Great Aussie Relay?

It kicked off in March and so I thought I would check it out and see what it was about. So I signed up.

Basically the initiative was set up Imageto get as many Aussies signed up and to log their workouts for three months – contributing to a journey around Australia.

The initiative isn’t just for runners, it’s for walkers, swimmers, cyclists and also covers cross training – you can see what everyone else has done too. It’s a bit of fun, motivation and the biggest virtual relay ever done in Australia.

There are a lot of apps now to log exercise progress – this is more of an initiative and is only for three months so if you need a bit of extra motivation – go and sign up – they will send you ongoing exclusive health and fitness tips from industry professionals, discounts and special offers as well as there being lots of prizes to be won.

Win some Slim Secrets goodies

Having reviewed some of the key sponsor Slim Secrets products before they are kindly sending me some goodies to give away to readers of my blog. All you need to do is put the reason you love running in the comments section below this post and one lucky person will receive some yummy Slim Secrets goodies – see photo.

Closing date is end of the month (April 2013).

17 thoughts on “Great Aussie Relay and win some Slim Secrets goodies!

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  1. I love running for the feeling of “being free” – when it’s not hurting too much 😉 the “me” time probably adds to the freedom! (PS going to check out the Great Aussie Relay now! Thanks)

  2. I like running as it makes me feel good about myself and gives me energy to get through the rest of my day with a little one at my side 🙂

  3. I love running because it plays a very important role in my life. Running was more than just a sport for me, besides running cross country and track every year in high school I continued to run on my own time with my dogs. My morning routine includes taking my hunting dogs (Bella who is my border collie circus dog, and Titan,sugar and Roxie who are hog hunting dogs) on their 5 mile jog. Running races is always fun and I love the competition but getting myself and my dogs in shape is for another reason. My passion for running and staying fit is because of my love for the sprinting chase for miles in the woods in the pitch black of night. Hog hunting is the most exciting exercise you will ever experience running!!!

  4. I love running to the supermarket to make sure they haven’t run out of Slim Secrets – AGAIN!

  5. Running gives me an energy boost, and allows me to clear my mind after studying, leaving me feeling carefree and relaxed. it’s an invigorating and rewarding feeling to be running in the fresh air and surrounded by nature.

  6. A running fanatic of pure breed,
    Excitement and anticipation sow the seed,
    Oxygen and adrenalin fuel my need,
    I’m an exercise junkie, hooked on speed!

  7. I can’t run or walk but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enter this competition I do workout to try and stay as fit as I can be. It would wonderful to eat Slim Secrets Goodies something that’s good for me for a nice change and not to feel guilty about opening a bar of something healthy. Because I can’t do any real workout I don’t burn the calories so I have put on weight, lost my core and just not like I used to be, I do exercise in water and a lot of stretching its all better than nothing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Karen – sorry if it came across as exclusive – it most certainly isn’t and you are more than welcome to enter. I figure since my blog is called the girl that runs I would come up with something running orientated as a lot of people that read my posts are runners – thanks for entering and good luck in the draw 🙂

  8. running makes me feel free – it gives me a break form the daily chores, refreshes and renews my inner energy source and is alwys the time when I have my best ideas!

  9. Running helps me with my stress and clears my mind . It keeps me fit , healthy and energized . 🙂

  10. I love to run, because I can.
    I run for the people that can’t, but wish that they could.
    Plus it is fun, and I love the chill of the wind on my cheeks and running through my hair, warms the cockles of my heart!

  11. I love running because it’s energising. Even on the days you feel worst, or sick, or lack motivation a quick run can help you feel more awake, happier and relaxed. Running also keeps me fit and lean, and improves my muscle tone.

  12. Running gives me time to relax. It sounds strange, but when I’m running, I don’t have to think about anything. I just run … it’s me and the music.

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