Helping Boston #runforboston and the London Marathon


What a few weeks it has been. Two big running events – one that ended in tragedy 😦

Seeing the running community in Boston attacked a week or so ago was horrific and heartbreaking and I pray for those affected and those that were hurt and I hope that it doesn’t deter people from running in high profile races such as Boston, London, New York etc. It’s good to see they caught the terrorists but so sad for Boston and the people affected. If you want to show your support for Boston CNN has set up ‘Run for Boston‘ where you go and run a distance and log your time, why you are running for Boston and where as a show of unity.

On another note last weekend was the London Marathon and 10 years ago I ran it as my first marathon. Being a UK born girl living in London, knowing the London marathon was on at the weekend brought a few tears to my eyes, feeling far away from home here in Brisbane.

The London Marathon was an amazing first marathon to run. I ran it the same year as my wonderful ultra marathon runner friend who ran it with a fracture in her foot (not recommended!).

The atmosphere was amazing, the people were amazing running the race and the supporters were truly the most encouraging supporters from any marathon I have run. There was such support amongst the runners too and we pulled one another along, encouraged those that were struggling and congratulated everyone we saw as we finished ourselves.

As I stumbled over the line in my last marathon in 2006 I told my husband no more but I kind of decided to come out of marathon retirement with his blessing!

I know I have at least one more marathon in me but it had to be a special one so I decided that I’d like to give the New York ago with hopefully my friend from Brisbane running with me as well as my awesome crazy ultra runner friend from the UK 🙂 I’m going to do it in two years time – It sounds a long way off but I have a few health things to get through first and then to get my training back up to scratch which will take at least 6 months!

How is your training going? Have you set yourself any big goals?

Happy running!

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