Brrr it’s cold for training in Brissie

I’m sat looking out of the window in my office watching the rain pouring down quite thankful I am sick at the moment! I have friends that I call ‘all weather nuts! (sorry Shaun!) who will train come rain, hail or shine! Me on the other hand if it was raining before my trainers touched the outside then it would either be a lie in or an indoor training session. I’m a delicate flower and don’t welcome the prospect of being sick all in the name of a training session 🙂 I can hear some of you saying ‘Suck it up Princess!’ – sorry I am a sook!

It’s gotten very cold in Brisbane the last few days and as a result a lot of people I’ve spoken too have gotten sick – and I came down with something a few days ago and currently still sound like a female version of Barry White – so haven’t done anything remotely exercise orientated in the last few days! Still not able to run at the moment but being sick and not even being able to do weights or walk the dog has driven me stir crazy!

Hope you have had a better training week than I have and haven’t succumbed to sickness. Will write more soon when my brain doesn’t feel like it is full of candy floss!

Happy Running 🙂

2 thoughts on “Brrr it’s cold for training in Brissie

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  1. You cant let the weather affect your training. You never know what the weather will be like race day so you need to take that same attitude to your training. You dont want to be training only when its warm only to find out that on race day its 8 degrees!

    Shaun – The all weather Nut 🙂

    1. Hey Shaun 🙂

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Yes I agree with you to an extent.

      Coming from the UK I was very used to being caught in downpours and running in the snow in winter and I just had to get used to it, constantly watch the weather and wear the right clothing – but since moving here to warm and sunny Brisbane – for me deliberately training in a downpour is madness, light rain is fine but I have found for me with a not so great immune system there has been a strong correlation between running in the rain and getting sick so I tend to avoid.

      I will however when training for the New York Marathon starts force myself to get used to running in the cold and light rain 😀

      Zoe – sook Princess 🙂

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