Win some @Bodyscience Fuel Energy Bars

I did a post a while back reviewing BodyScience’s Fuel Energy Bar and Gels and thought you might like to win some, so I have some  Fuel Energy Bars to give away to the person that can tell in the comments below the funniest thing or most embarassing thing you have done as a runner… Just put your comments in the comment box below and the best one will win. I love these bars – vanilla nougat flavour and great for fuelling up before training.

Closing date to enter is 14th July 2013. 

Share your funniest or most embarrassing running story and have a chance at winning some Bodyscience Fuel bars
Share your funniest or most embarrassing running story and have a chance at winning some Bodyscience Fuel bars

My most embarassing running story is when I ran the Berlin Marathon – I was busting to go to the toilet and raced off the course as I saw a patch of grass that was sheltered. Squatted down just as a German lady opened her window and looked out at me – it was her garden!

I looked up in horror – very politely said ‘Guten Tag!’ (Hello in German), pulled up my running tights and ran like crazy to get back into the race.

Happy Running!

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  1. I have a similar v. embarrassing story. I was training for the KokodaChallenge on the Gold Coast last year with my training mates. It was the middle of the night. We had come out of the trails and onto a section of road and I really needed to pee. It seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere so I went for it at the side of the road. Just as I was finishing up, a truck came down the road and flashed my bare ass, I was basically mooning him, talk about timing! My mates still laugh about it!

    1. Haha! Karen I am glad I am not the only one 🙂 I figure when running we tend to throw our inhibitions out of the window

  2. My funniest was last week – running in the dark in a spot I always run… I knew there were seating boxes on the boardwalk where I was running but was too busy chatting to my sister. Smack bang into the boxes – kneecapped pretty much – and ended up planking on the box. Cue to huge bruises all over knees and on arm and sore all over for days. Then having to explain to the physio why my knee hurt and reassuring him it was ok to laugh at me. Might not sound funny as I could have been more seriously hurt, but I do have a tendency to laugh at people who fall over…. including myself!

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