Exercise Vs Healthy Diet

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Healthy Eating
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I was talking to a good friend last week and we got to talking about exercise and diet. I know a lot of people who rely on their training to keep them trim and if they weren’t training they would be much larger than they are because their diet isn’t good.

I guess this was me when I first started running 11/12 years ago. I figured running was great because I could eat what I wanted and still lose weight. In fact when I was training for the London Marathon I was in Health and Fitness Magazine as the girl who could eat what she wanted and lose weight! I had to keep a food diary and they published it and then talked about the fact that i was training so hard it didn’t matter how much or what I was eating etc etc. At the time I was proud to have this label but when I think back now to what I was eating it was shocking and I was lucky I was motivated to train!

Food has always been one of those areas that I have had a love hate relationship with but I guess as I get older I am realising just how much it can affect my lifestyle and the way I feel.  Recently I have had to cut gluten out of my diet as well as dairy as much as possible and it has amazed me how hard it is and also how much rubbish there is on the market to try and replace much loved gluten and dairy items such as bread – and it’s been a real fight to remain healthy and not fall for all the yummy looking replacements out there full of junk. Not training as much as I would usually has also meant to really keep an eye on my eating which is finally paying off as thankfully I haven’t gained weight whilst reducing training in fact I have lost weight 🙂

I am no nutritionist or personal trainer but it’s not rocket science – you are what you eat!  Eating and living unhealthily is not great –  and just because you can still run/swim/ride/whatever well it doesn’t mean you are healthy and living a healthy lifestyle – it means you are fit not healthy.  A lot of health experts say diet counts for 80% exercise 20% which I am definitely in agreement with. Why exercise when you then finish and have a doughnut or cigarette! What’s the point of all that hard work you just put in?!?

That’s my rambling for the day over 🙂



4 thoughts on “Exercise Vs Healthy Diet

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  1. Well I must say I totally agree with your ramblings.
    When I first was wanting to loose weight I was doing the exercise but my diet was still pretty crappy. Then one day it just clicked. As soon as I started keeping a food journal things changed.
    Even though I’m at my goal weight now, my eating habits are very different to what they were even just a year ago. I eat way more veggies and protien, and less carbs from rice/bread and pasta. it’s finding a balance, and what works for some doesn’t work for others.

    1. Hey Matilda thanks for your comment. That’s great you are all sorted with your eating. Food diaries can be a real help – I used to use the website/app myfitnesspal which is pretty good 🙂 I do miss gluten but hopefully it is only for a short while…. have a great day 🙂

  2. so true! thanks for sharing your story 🙂 i recently cut out dairy and gluten too, it was so hard at first!

    1. Hi Luisa – Thanks for your message – yes it was so hard – I am 90% there now and actually enjoying not eating gluten and dairy. It’s amazing however how many restaurants turn their noses up at you though then you say what you can’t eat. I walked out of one the other day because the girl rolled her eyes when I asked whether any of the menu could be modified so I was able to eat there.

      Hope your gluten and dairy free journey is going well 🙂 If you are into your protein powders you should look out for BodyScience’s new naturals range which has no gluten or dairy in it yay!

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